3 Reasons for a Sudden Burst of Acne

3 Reasons for a Sudden Burst of Acne Photo

Most people have experienced acne breakouts at some point throughout their life, and some of us still do even as we get older. Finding the root cause of these breakouts is important to determine how to treat them. If you’ve dealt with numerous breakouts over the years, you may need to consider the top acne scar treatments to clear up your skin and address the underlying issue causing them. Experiencing a sudden burst of acne is never fun, but when you can pinpoint the reasons why they occur, you can work to prevent them. Here are the three most common reasons why people experience sudden acne breakouts.


Everyone has to deal with stressful situations, but people handle stress differently. In fact, many people have to get facial acne scar treatments occasionally because they experience bursts of acne when they go through stressful situations either at work or in their home life. Stress is one of the main reasons for acne breakouts, so try to minimize those situations as much as possible, or at least try different ways to cope with the stress.

Using The Wrong Skin Care Products

Sometimes you don’t know how your skin will react to certain products until you try them. Using the wrong products, or using too much of any given product, can lead to acne breakouts. Many people make the mistake of continuing to rub in creams to cure their acne, but they could actually be making it worse. Acne breakouts can occur due to clogged pores, which are often the result of using too many skin care products. And if you’re using creams to try to cure acne scars from the past, consider opting for a scar revision procedure instead after speaking with a medical professional.

Sudden Changes In The Weather

Humidity or other sudden climate changes can impact the skin more than you think. Sometimes that means washing your face and other sensitive areas more, or maybe even changing the cleansing products you currently use. And if you’ve recently had a scar revision procedure completed to clear up past acne scars, be sure to ask your medical professional how to best protect your skin from sudden weather changes if you notice your skin breaking out again.

Skin Deep Laser Services helps clients in Washington DC, Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax, VA have clear skin every day. Acne breakouts will happen occasionally, but it’s how you treat them that will make the difference between them going away naturally or potentially leaving scars behind. If the latter occurs, we offer the top acne scar treatments to get your skin back to normal. Never hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services and to schedule a free consultation.