This Everyday Object is Causing Your Breakouts

This Everyday Object is Causing Your Breakouts Photo

Cell phones are important parts of our lives. Whether we use them simply to keep in touch with family and friends or rely on them to conduct business, cell phones are very rarely outside of arms reach. But what if we told you cell phones could be a key contributing factor for your acne breakouts and potentially lead to the need for acne scar revision procedures? Hear us out.

A significant amount of bacteria accumulates on cell phones by being in our pockets, purses or just sitting on a table. When you place it to your ear, it will touch the skin on your face and directly make contact with the bacteria. The combination of the bacteria and trapping oils in your pores could be leading to your acne breakouts. So how can you prevent it since talking on the cell phone is inevitable? Here are some tips to consider.

Clean Your Cell Phone Often

Now that you’re aware of the amount of bacteria collected on a cell phone, you can take action to clean it more often. Many people don’t take the time to clean theirs, and sometimes don’t even give it a second thought. It’s especially important to clean it if you’re already experiencing acne breakouts. Cleaning your cell phone at least once a day can clear up your acne and reduce the chances of needing acne scar revision at some point.

Consider Using Headphones

To prevent the possibility of trapping bacteria and clogging pores on your face, invest in headphones to use instead of putting the phone up to your ear. Reducing the amount of direct contact your cell phone makes with your face will keep it cleaner and reduce the chances of acne breakouts.

Can A Chemical Peel Help?

If you’ve been dealing with acne breakouts on your face for a significant amount of time, you may have experienced slight scarring. The good news is a chemical peel for acne is a great solution to clear it up quickly and keep the skin looking clear and flawless. A chemical peel for acne in combination with being conscious about how you use your cell phone can prevent acne breakouts and maintain smooth and vibrant skin.

When Acne Scar Revision May Be Necessary

It’s possible laser acne scar revision may be needed if constant acne breakouts have led to scarring. With fractional CO2 laser technology today, scarring resulting from acne breakouts can generally be treated quickly and easily. Now that you know your cell phone could be the source of your acne breakouts, you can consider acne scar revision treatments to remove any scars and implement better habits when using your cell phone to prevent breakouts in the future.

Skin Deep Laser Services offers various techniques and services to clients in the Washington D.C. and Arlington, VA areas to clear up acne scars. We use the best fractional CO2 laser available on the market today to provide the best results to our clients. To learn more about acne scar revision and how we can help clear up your skin, contact us today for a free consultation.

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