How the Sun Affects Your Skin

How the Sun Affects Your Skin Photo

Sun damage is nothing to take lightly. When you don’t protect your skin from extensive sun exposure, chances are you’ll experience varying degrees of sun damage you won’t want to deal with. Constant sun exposure can lead to early signs of aging, increased pigmentation, sun spots and other potentially serious consequences. Getting a laser skin resurfacing procedure can help reduce or eliminate some of these side effects, but it’s still important to know what to expect when you are constantly exposed to the sun.

Increased Pigmentation

When people think about increased skin pigmentation, they often think about it as a good thing. The sun can make the skin look more tanned, which is a sign of healthy and attractive skin for many people. The reality is when the skin gets tanned, it’s naturally trying to protect itself from the sun’s rays. Too much sun exposure can lead to undesirable pigmentation that can be in the form of sun spots, hyperpigmentation and more. Luckily, a chemical peel is a good solution for getting the skin pigmentation back under control.

Dry And Patchy Skin Development

Dry and patchy-looking skin can also develop with extensive sun exposure. This may start out as a sunburn, but not always. Dry skin can create an undesirable look, but a chemical peel facial can usually take care of the problem by revealing newer and healthier skin in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Collagen and Elastin Breakdown

Collagen and elastin production are critical for the appearance, texture and firmness of the skin. Sun exposure can break down these two components and lead to signs of aging like wrinkles, sagging, fine lines and more. If sun damage occurs, laser skin resurfacing treatments will not only improve the appearance of the skin, but also promote continuous collagen production to restore the youthfulness of the skin.

Improving Sun-Damaged Skin

Everyone will experience sun damage at different times throughout their life. While it’s important to always keep your skin protected, sometimes it’s not possible. With the technology and treatment options available today, you can improve your sun-damaged skin quickly and easily most of the time. Whether it’s with a chemical peel treatment, laser skin resurfacing or anything else recommended by your medical professional, your skin damage doesn’t have to stay forever.

Skin Deep Laser Services wants everyone in the Washington DC, Fairfax, Arlington and Alexandria, VA areas to have great looking skin they can be proud of. It’s always fun to enjoy some time out in the sun, but it’s also important to protect the skin as much as possible. We are here to help restore the vibrant youthfulness in your skin if you do experience any type of sun damage, so contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our professionals.

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