Stretch Marks took away Fun at the Beach

I love beaches. I think that if I would buy a new house, I’d have it near one of my favorite beaches here in Virginia. And if I could be a mythical creature I’d be a mermaid. So yeah, I just really love beaches and the sand! And to make my beach life perfect, wearing a bikini is a must. These were all good, you see. However, when I had my first baby I gained so much weight that bikinis were definitely out of the picture.

Don’t get me wrong though. I love my son. I love my married life and I love everything that’s been happening in my life. I just kind of miss those days when I could wear what I wanted and enjoyed as much of the beach as freely as I could. During my pregnancy I just kind of let my hormones go wild and enjoyed all the food I wanted. So I got really big in terms of size. Not that kind of big, but huge. Well, huge.

One day, a few weeks after I gave birth to my son, my husband invited me to the beach to relax, unwind and have some fun. I was really excited when he mentioned the beach. I rushed to my closet to prepare my stuff. First thing I grabbed was my favorite bikini. And, well, you know that moment that just snaps you back to the truth like some eye opener experience? With my bikini in my hand and my eyes on the mirror in front of me, I had that kind of moment. I realized I can’t wear it. Not anymore. It won’t fit. I couldn't believe it.

It was the first time I’ve got to really look at myself and check how much I have changed physically. I felt like freaking out!!!! My husband walked in, checked me out and looked just as excited for the trip as if I were still just as attractive as the day he met me, so I just dismissed the thought.

As I changed my clothes, instead of my favorite, I wore a bikini that was once too big and loose. That’s the first unnerving strike. I convinced myself that things were fine and I was fine with my body. I lost some pounds since my pregnant days but I was still fat. I brainwashed myself thinking nobody would care, I wanted to wear a bikini and enjoy the beach as I once did. I was ready to go and looked into the mirror once more. I saw these white marks that looked like vines or lines on my stomach and legs and realized that I had stretch marks! They looked so awful! That’s the second freaking strike! Twice in one day!

Trying so hard to not let those things affect me, I just wore a loose shirt and forced myself to have fun. While I was swimming and playing around with my husband I noticed these two ladies looking at my legs and I wasn’t sure if I was being self-conscious but I felt like they were checking me out including my stretch marks. I didn’t want to care but then I also found my husband actually looking at it and that hit the third deadly strike. It hit me really hard. Without letting him catch me on what was happening in my mind and before I cry out loud, I simply said I wanted to go home. I was frustrated. Never like this before, but now I don’t only feel frustrated but at the same time irritated and embarrassed.

As soon as we arrived home, I went to check the internet on how to remove the stretch marks that were all over me. I saw an article about laser stretch mark removal, checked for the closest skin care clinic in downtown Burke, Virginia and without having second thoughts, I booked the treatment as soon as I could.

During the laser stretch mark removal procedure I asked myself were doing the right thing because not only was there sensitivity that I felt on my skin that scared me, its cost wasn’t very friendly too. When the whole procedure was finally done, I could hardly contain my happiness. I know for sure that it will take at least a few months and maybe more sessions of laser stretch mark removal treatment before they may show signs of any change. I was still so excited. That I was there and it was my first step.

I wasn’t wrong. The stretch marks, if not totally gone has lightened and improved a lot. You will never know they were once there until you look closely. And that was enough for me. Though I didn’t have the same figure I once had, being heavy on the side wasn’t so bad especially if the curves were perfectly placed. Plus the big fronts.

Looking back, I think the stretch marks were what made me feel ugly and having that laser stretch mark removal procedure was more than worth it. In fact, I think it was a great decision. My husband was totally supportive and though I was thankful that he was it somehow pissed me off too because I thought he must have found my body ugly too. But I didn’t take that against him. Erasing those ugly stretch marks and the negativity it brought to me and seeing how my family helped me and was with me every step of the way, it was more than enough. It brought me confidence that I never knew I could get back. My frequent visits to the beaches here in Virginia, wearing my new bikinis right for my size and having my husband and son with me is definitely a hundred times more fun than ever before.