Which Skin Pigmentations Can the Fractional CO2 Laser Treat?

Which Skin Pigmentations Can the Fractional CO2 Laser Treat? Photo

Skin pigmentations are mostly harmless. However, it’s understandable when you want to get rid of the discoloration since it can be unsightly. Whether you’ve just developed some hyperpigmentation or have been dealing with it for years, a single fractional CO2 laser treatment can go a long way in reducing the appearance. Not all skin pigmentations are developed the same way, though, and here are a few of the most common ones that can be treated easily with lasers.


Melasma typically occurs on the face, so it’s easy to see why people want to remove it once it appears. In many situations, melasma will slowly disappear on its own without any treatments being necessary. Since the cause of melasma is not definitively known, medical professionals often suggest changing medication to see if there’s a connection between the two. This condition is also often seen in pregnant women because of the change in hormones. Regardless of the reason, a fractional CO2 laser treatment can be an effective option in reducing the visibility of melasma.

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation occurs as a result of some type of skin injury, like a severe acne breakout. When the skin repairs itself, it may not be the same color as the rest of the skin, which could give it the appearance of being splotchy and unsightly. The good news is no matter how unsightly the hyperpigmentation is, it’s usually not serious and can be virtually eliminated with laser treatments.


Sunspots may be the most common type of skin pigmentation treated by a fractional CO2 laser treatment. These spots develop due to excessive sun exposure and are usually present on the face and hands. Wearing sunscreen can help prevent the development of sunspots, but some still may show up if you’re constantly out in the sun. Laser treatments will target the sunspots and leave the surrounding skin unaffected. Multiple treatments may be required depending on the severity, but most clients will notice a difference with a single treatment.

Skin Deep Laser Services wants to help you get back into the skin you’re most comfortable with. Many people deal with unsightly skin pigmentations for too long and the only regret they have when getting a laser treatment is that they didn’t get it done earlier. A single treatment can go a long way in clearing up and evening out your skin. Working with an experienced medical professional is essential to ensure you get the proper treatment, so contact us today to schedule a consultation and see which treatment option is right for you.
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